Dear applicants, please note the following before commencing registration:

1- In the first stage, the team leader is the first to register and then he/she can add his/her teammates. After completing the team members’ information and finalizing the registration, it is not possible to change the information contained in the initial registration stage.

2. All the coordination and correspondence with the team is done through the team leader so the accuracy of the information provided is important.

3. The team can access the profile and registration status through the passport number as a user ID and mobile phone number as a password.

4. Each team can have the minimum of 4 and maximum of 6 members.

5. Each team is required to have a team member as a healthcare advisor. (A healthcare advisor can be a doctor, health professional with full medical information or senior medical student)

6- If the resume is approved and the is admitted, it will be possible to purchase tickets and complete the final registration in the team profile. The admitted teams will be able to purchase their tickets and complete their registration in their profiles after their admission is announced.



  • Only jpg, jpeg, png files, up to 1MB in size.

  • Only docx, doc, pdf, max 5MB.